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Emineo |
A scalable and connected model
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A unique offer for all textile pattern makers

Driven by a design software, the robot-mannequin can evolve integrally or by zone, in height or in width in less than 30 seconds according to the body and garment size. The Mimeo software assists the professional throughout the whole process of model creation and validation, thanks to the edition of ready to send datasheets.

Comes with a breast box with different size from A to E to model the bust according to its true consistency, and spare covers specially designed to visualize the plumb lines.

Simple and intuitive control from a tablet or MAC/PC
Growth in height and width on key axes
Rapid deformation in less than a minute
Entering measurements from an Excel import file
Scalable robot from sizes 36 to 46
Benefits for professionals
  • – A ROI from the first year
  • – Time saving
  • – Space saving
  • – Optimal quality
  • – Reduction in raw materials
  • – Facilitation of the process

A suitable model

WOMAN : On order

MAN : Upon request

CHILD : Upon request

An adapted offer
  • – For business
  • – For educational institutions

The torso with the other parts of the body

ARMS : Optional

LEGS : Optional

Different means of acquisition
  • – Purchase (individual or grouped)
  • – Scalable Rental

A commitment to our clients,
ensuring that you satisfy your clients..
We’re living in a time where everything is instant, connected and fully personalized. Consumers are now looking to express their personality through shopping. With your artisanal skills and our automatic model, you will be able to stand out in a sector where customer satisfaction and awareness are top priorities.
EUVEKA is committed to ensuring the highest quality. That’s why our products are made in France and why we guarantee effective and reliable technical support.
Do you have any technical question?
Contact us now for an appointment or a demonstration!
Emineo :
A scalable and connected model

Variation by scale to reproduce a perfect fitting
Integral transformation or by zone


Euveka has been active in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region since 2011 as one of the leading French specialists in the textile and clothing industry. We are specialized in robotic technology, focusing on morphology and biomimicry.

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