Scalable and connected
robot mannequins

A phygital solution to produce and sell garments in a more ethical way.

Imagine being able to work more efficiently, in real-time, on the right measures, while offering a perfect fitting to your customers and reducing your ecological footprint.

Euveka is proud to present

A robotic and AI fit solution suitable for all brands, allowing an immediate better fit in all sizes, from production to retail.

The first scalable robot mannequins, controlled by data management software, capable of reproducing an infinite number of morphologies. An inclusive phygital solution to assist all textile industries in their ecological transition.

A new way of working, in series production or on demand, with market data in real time and remotely*.

A tool in common that facilitates communication between all the players in the Textile Industry.

Complies with the COVID-19 health regulations.

See Établissements Thierry’s testimony

An innovative and personalised customer experience with a 100% match between demand and production, recognised by several awards.

Build customer loyalty with products adapted to their morphologies.

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Explanatory diagram of iterative data-process

A more inclusive market approach with optimal quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Product compliance on all size grids.

Environnemental ROI diagram

An ally for your environmental ROI: reducing unsold products, raw materials and your carbon footprint.

Producing and selling ethically with perfect knowledge of your market drastically reduces your product returns and increases your sales.

A new online or in-store shopping experience

A perfect tool to facilitate remote sales and offer personalized fittings, following current health rules.

Save time by preselecting clothes directly based on your customers’ measurements and offer a more inclusive e-commerce site thanks to collections shot on the robot mannequin, in all sizes.

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A robot-mannequin to create and sell garments as closely as possible to diverse morphologies


Modernising processes for more responsible production

We developed this smart mannequin to revolutionise the textile industry and to put an end to the destruction of the millions of unsold and returned items in the world. Size is not enough to predict whether or not a garment will fit the consumer. We all have different bodies and preferences for style and comfort. By taking the morphological data upstream of the manufacturing process, we can prevent and limit returns and unsold items.

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Patented technology, 100% Made in France

After 8 years of R&D and biomimetic expertise in the anatomy and evolution of the human body, Euveka created the first scalable and connected robot-mannequin to meet as fully as possible the demands of your market or your clients.

Delivered with accessories.

See the technical specifications


The data-management and conception follow-up software package.

Control the robot mannequin via a customised user interface.

See the technical specifications

Intuitive and collaborative for efficient working at every stage, without constantly moving about.

Tracks projects, prints out technical data sheets, collects morphological data.

Delivered with your own data indicators for even faster work.

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A phygital solution, at the service of morphological diversity, developed by and for textile professionals, which has won numerous awards.

More reliable, faster and more ecological processes throughout the entire value chain.

Work better, work together on the same basis.

From design offices to factories to e-commerce platforms, textile industry professionals can work together remotely and reliably with objective data. Avoid unnecessary travel to validate collections or carry out photo shoots in several sizes.

See Fashion School testimony

A system is already in place in several institutes.

Training new generations is a key issue in driving change towards more ethical fashion. Euveka supports schools in getting started with the future technologies of their students’ employers. Simple, fast and innovative for all students and teachers, beginners or experts.

See Formamod’s testimony

Government-subsidised equipment.

As part of the textile industry recovery plan, Euveka has been identified as having the only CSR-compatible transformation solution. Up to 40% of the cost of the technology is subsidised by the government to encourage the ecological transition of companies!

Get equipped now! In two years, it will no longer be possible to destroy unsold garments in France!

An offer adapted for purchase or rental by all Textile Industries and schools of fashion.

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