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Morphological diversity is a Reality & a Key for Performance, Client Satisfaction and Sustainability
Design, produce, control and sell the body type you want
First smart mannequin of its kind in France capable to reproduce human bodies morphologies. Packed with mechatronic, IT and material technology, based on biometrics process to be, as closely as possible, morphological diversity.

Scalable and connected robot-mannequin

Specially designed for all textile industry, from design, to production both retail. Discover our robot mannequin Emineo and his software Mimeo to facilitate the development of your garments and make your production process better, faster, safer and greener.
Mimeo, a simple and intuitive
software package
Configured according to the textile industry professionals, Mimeo controls the robot-mannequin and retraces the evolution of all your products creations through the edition of the technical sheets, from design to production.
Public Award
Retail Innovation 2019
Makers 2019
Good News Territories Award 2019
Next Tech
Robotics and Drones 2018
Best Design Technology 2018
French Fab 2018
Public Award 2018
Fashion Innovation Award 2017
Industry & Services Trophy 2017
Luxury Forward 2016
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Welcome to the future, with fully personalised industrial textiles
Fashiontech is designed to put the user back into the heart of the design process and make life easier


Euveka has been active in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region since 2011 as one of the leading French specialists in the textile and clothing industry. We are specialized in robotic technology, focusing on morphology and biomimicry.

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