A simple observation, years of expertise and international deployment

Audrey-Laure Bergenthal, President of Euveka, understood at the time that wooden mannequins did not represent the morphological reality of the human body and that it was not surprising, under these conditions, that she had difficulty finding clothes with her morphology, especially in small and large sizes.

Creation of EUVEKA

Developed the first prototypes and filed the first patent.

First public presentations and first prizes

After 8 years of R&D and biomimetic expertise in the anatomy of the human body, a first product was presented to the public.

Very quickly, the first awards came thick and fast.

Andam Fashion Award (Innovation Prize), CES Innovation Awards (Robotics Prize), Business With Attitude with Madame Figaro, La French Fab with Bpifrance…

The first pre-sales across Europe

The solution was implemented by prestigious fashion and sportswear brands.

An international roll-out with the biggest leaders in the textile industry.

The solution was implemented in more technical sectors such as the sportswear, medical, and security sectors.

With the new health challenges, Euveka accelerated its developments in the retail sector (e-commerce and e-shop).

Our Ambitions

Making the processes of the textile industries safer and more environmentally friendly.

Understanding our ambitions

Our values

Environment – Industry & Technology – Training New Generations – Local Production

Understanding our values

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Interview Vidéo

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Product Video

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