Supporting the Textile Industry towards a CSR transition with economic performances

Core values

Environment – Industry and Technology – Training New Generations – Local Production

Acting for the environment and for more ethical fashion

The textile industry is considered to be one of the most polluting in the world. Every year, billions of garments end up in landfills or incinerators. 30% of online sales are returned due to fit and sizing problems. This is a disaster for ecology, customer satisfaction and industry productivity.

Our technological solutions are developed to significantly reduce the number of prototypes, errors upstream of production, and product returns.

Technology at the service of textile professionals

We want to enable each designer to work with high-performance technological tools, to avoid repetitive tasks, and to meet as fully as possible the demands of the market or VIP clients.

At Euveka we aim to satisfy the demands of professionals by developing new robotic and software solutions that are tailor-made and conform to their requirements.

By training designers and future professionals in today's technologies we ensure the future prosperity of the textile industry.

Training in companies and schools on specially adapted tools is essential to remain competitive and innovative on the market.

At Euveka we have set up a special school offer to facilitate access to technology for future generations.

Local manufacturing with a strong community dimension

Our products are entirely developed locally in the Drôme. We entrust part of our assembly work to eSAT (assistance and service centres helping disabled people into work) and also integrate service providers trying to re-enter the job market. We actively support programmes in engineering schools to enable students to do their final year internship within our technical teams.

Our Ambitions

Making the processes of the textile industries safer and more environmentally friendly.

Understanding our ambitions

Our history

Euveka: From an idea to the reality

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