Apr 16 2021

How can fashion-tech help the fashion industry work more efficiently?

  • Lecture 1 minute

Nowadays, many startups are setting up fashion tech apps in the retail industry: 3D body scan, data analysis, online recommendation, or advice for helping customers to shop with a conscience. It's great that so many players and brands are participating in this change. But it only addresses part of the issue. Still, size suggestion is often unprecise and unreliable, and 3D modelling solutions in the manufacturing industry are limited. On the screen everything looks perfect but in real life, that's not quite it! It is important to remember that the textile industry targets real people with different morphotypes and comfort preferences that have changed, and the standard type of customer has evolved. But there is a missing link between what retails knows, what manufacturers do, and what customers want. Fashion tech can improve the textile industry efficiency here, by linking production, retail, and customers through two main changes [...] Read the entire article on @retail sector (Link at the top)

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